RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland: Field Piano Concerto No. 6

15 March, 2019
7:30 pm
The National Concert Hall, Dublin
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland: Field Piano Concerto No. 6
Alessandro Taverna
Timothy Henty: conductor
Alessandro Taverna: piano

Our celebration of the best of Irish music from the last century continues in grand style with the father of the nocturne, a miniature marvel of Irish life and a masterpiece inspired by County Kerry.

Born in England to an Irish father, EJ Moeran fell in love with the Kerry landscape and lived most of his life in Kenmare, where he wrote his only finished Symphony, in G minor. And what a symphony! A dramatic musical postcard seething with a mysterious romance and all the salty sea-spray of life on the Western seaboard; a vivid depiction of nature at its most rugged to satisfy your inner David Attenborough.

Chopin may have claimed the Nocturne as his own, but John Field got there first. In fact, he invented it. And put one into his Sixth Piano Concerto. The ‘barn storming…(Bachtrack) Alessandro Taverna is at the piano for a work of gymnastic gracefulness brimming with tunes. (You might even say Field led the field when it came to memorable melodies but we wouldn’t dare to.)

You’ll find someone you know in Gerard Victory’s Three Irish Pictures, a glorious concoction of spirited music that features a muscular blacksmith hard at work (please say you know what a blacksmith is!), a joyful re-imagining of a reel that sounds so Irish it might as well have been written in green ink, and an Irish Hussar in all his romantic pomp.